Life Lessons from Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a lot like life birth, growth and adolescence, anticipation about the future, chosen for a higher purpose, retirement….are all part of the pumpkin experience.

Being older and more philosophical we often see the cycle of life in different things. Just a few days before Halloween we came across a massive field of pumpkins. Apparently they had gathered in their sacred place because Halloween was almost here but they had not been chosen. They were probably depressed over the lack of purpose in their lives so they gathered together with others their own age and status in life. Obviously it was their version of The Villages” found in Florida.

As the time gets closer to the big holiday the chosen pumpkins take their place on the appointed neighborhood porches. For a very few days they become the symbol of everything that represents the fall season. These pumpkins have trained for their whole life in preparation of this special time.

Once the day is past they will face dwindling interest from their adoring fans and will awake one morning to find they have been discarded in the garbage pile of life. A select few (pumpkin celebrities) live in the bright spotlight where they enter beauty pageants and find great attention…but their fame is fleeting.

The good news for all the pumpkins that are chosen is that for a few special days they bring a great deal of joy to the faces of little ones all over the country.