Not All Visitors Are Welcome

We enjoy receiving visitors to our humble abode. They may be fellow RV’rs who are interested what the new 5th wheel units look like on the inside or it may be friends who travel to where we are camped. We always make them welcome and try to display hospitality.

However….not everyone is welcome at our house.

The night our friends from Indiana were visiting, we were sitting in our living room getting caught up with each other, when out of the blue a little mouse went tearing across the floor and hid somewhere in the kitchen. Not only is this the first time we have had this situation…but the little critter showed itself in front of company. We were shocked and socially disgraced!

It was time for action.

Weapons were chosen, the appropriate ammo was loaded and the result was as expected. Now that the critter has gone to Disney World with the Big Mouse….I am going to take the next nice day and crawl around the RV looking for any possible points of entry and stuff them with steel wool.

Mice are only cute in cartoons!!!!