Officially Introduced

Introduction – a formal personal presentation of one person to another or others. – Wikipedia

We have been officially introduced to the 2 newest members of our family.

Jonathan Henry and Elisabeth Jane.

The births were problem-free. We loved the new technology that allowed us to receive a text complete with pictures from our son-in-law moments after the babies were born. We were in the waiting room about 30 minutes and got to show the pictures to others sitting with us…some of whom had been there all night waiting for their family member to give birth.

We spent the day with the new additions, then went to the home of the other grandparents to watch the completely confused 2 year old brother so they could go see the babies. We went home and came back to the hospital on Thursday. After a good visit with everyone we went to the home of the other grandparents (Nana and Pake) to spend the night. We had a great visit and today (Friday) we brought our grandson to the hospital for a short visit before we headed back to his house so he (Ryan) could have a normal night’s sleep in his own house before the babies came home.

We picked up the two big dogs from the vet clinic and brought them home. We are all set for Mommy and Daddy to bring babies home on Saturday to their “new normal“. Meanwhile we are watching “Thomas the Train”.

The next few weeks should be exciting.