Reality Check

If you live on email then you know that you receive all sorts of invitations and solicitations every day. Apparently I need pills for all sorts of things as well as invitations to join a million different causes. I usually check out the subject line but do not pay too much attention to the sales pitch. I figure I know what I need.

However today’s email was a reality check.

Mary and I joined AARP simply to get the occasional discounts. They advertise things we actually could use – insurance packages because they know we need it and discounts on trips, health products and financial services.

Today they sent an email that included “Brain Games”.

We were encouraged to try a number of online games that are intended to help keep our senior minds healthy. Working down through the list made me accept the reality check that this is probably what I need.

Here are some of the games and what they are supposed to do for me and what I am already doing!!!!!

Countdown – Train your mental calculation and multi-step processing skills by discovering the math formulas. (I do this in the supermarket trying to calculate the cost per ounce)

The Right Word – Improve your vocabulary by matching words with their correct definitions (I constantly use words incorrectly and Mary points out the errors. This is followed by a look-up on our smart phone only to find out she was right and then calls me “Crankshaft”.)

Private Eye – Sharpen your analytic skills by figuring out which letter or symbol doesn’t belong. (I usually misread the highway signs and lose track of what street or highway number I am really on)

Split Words – Hone your language skills with this puzzle. (I’m already encouraged to do more than grunt)

Writing in the Stars – Work your problem-solving abilities with this new twist on the crossword puzzle. (Having my head in the clouds is a common complaint)

Entangled Figures – Keep your brain in shape by identifying elements of a jumbled object (I am continually identifying cars on the highway…especially BMW’s)

The Squeaking Mouse – Strengthen your visual and auditory memory by matching animals with their calls (I can usually identify what animal I just ran over with my truck)

I don’t think I need any help from the AARP folks.