Regional Waffles and Pancakes

Traveling around you find that there are regional delicacies for you to try. We often are told to check out some restaurant or specialty food. Along the west coast of Michigan we have found Sherman’s Ice cream as something to try.

This is fairly normal because often there is a big diary in the area who decides to offer ice cream as a product. Once established then you begin to see other little stores who advertise that they “serve Sherman’s”. When you see that sign then you know that there is good ice cream served there.

What about regional waffles and  pancakes?

In this area we noticed that there were an occasional sign in front of a store or a restaurant  that advertised “Carbon’s Golden Malted Pancake and Waffle Flour“. So we wondered what the big deal was about waffle mix.

We tried eating breakfast at a diner that made their pancakes from the malted flour. They were great. Then we bought a large bag of the flour for our own use and enjoyed the unique flavor of our pancakes. Even when we went to the Apple Festival in Niles, MI we saw an entire booth that was dedicated to Carbon’s malted flour.

Apparently the original mix was developed in Buchanan, MI by Fred Carbon back in 1937. You can check out their history by clicking on HERE.

We liked the regional ice cream but these pancakes are pretty good!!!