Super Grandma

Teaching little kids the correct names for their mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa is always a neat challenge. Our grandson Ryan calls Mary and I simply “Grandma and Grandpa (PaPa)” and the parents of our son-in-law by the Dutch names of “Nana and Pake”.

So he knows mommy and daddy….grandma and grandpa….Nana and Pake…but what do you call your great-grandma??

SUPER Grandma!!!

Thanks to TV most kids have some concept of the word “Super”. So it becomes kind of second nature to consider the mom of your grandpa as “Super” grandma.

I drove to Super Grandma’s house and brought her back to see the twins. It was a good afternoon of holding, burping and marveling at the beauty of newborns. Ryan was in his element looking cute and showing off his new brother and sister.

All in all….it was a great day.