Visual Art

Look up the definition of “Visual Arts” and you find a variety of answers including the historical perspective and often the differentiation of “Fine Arts” and “Useful Arts”. Out of these definitions there is often a bias towards painting (and to some degree sculpture) as the ultimate in visual art. This is due to the reliance almost entirely on the artist and their imagination.

Yesterday we visited Meijer Sculpture Gardens and ArtPrize 2012 exhibitions in the Grand Rapids area. There were many examples of visual art that caused you to ponder and create your own unique interpretation of the pieces. Some of the work really moved us while others did not. It made us think.

We are still sorting through photos, but  recently we drove by an example of country art that was on display along the side of the road. Apparently a local farmer was inspired and decided to make an artistic statement from the toils of his daily routine. We stopped by the road and pondered the meaning for a while. It made us think.

We thought…“What were they thinking?” when we saw these sculptures.

They had meaning but we are not exactly sure what it was!!!!