Voice From The Past

I got an email from my brother today telling me that the wife of an old friend was very sick and I might want to connect with him. This friend, Marty, was the best man in our wedding over 42 years ago. He was married shortly after and I believe his wedding was the last time I saw him.

Marty has 2 younger brothers and we were all great boyhood friends while growing up in Pontiac. We spent many a summer day riding bikes and playing all over the city. His dad was a pastor (retired in 2001) and made a big impression on me. I remember staying all night at their house and peaking into a bedroom where his dad was on his knees by the bed praying. He must have made a big impression on his sons because Marty, Mike and Matt all ended up in the ministry and have been for years.

It was great to hear that voice from the past but sad to hear about his wife, Susan, who is very sick. Our prayers go out for her and Marty and I made a promise to connect sometime in the future.

Of course neither of us have changed a bit so I’m looking forward to it.

Just 19…still have that teenage figure!!!