Auto Whimsy

The roads in this area are defined by Mother Nature and expressways.

The St. Joseph river is huge and winds throughout the region. It tends to define which roads cross it and where traffic is allowed to move. Then there is Lake Michigan which has a demanding and winding coastline. The roads have been built to follow the coast…therefore they tend to wind accordingly. Finally, you have two major expressways cutting through the area – I94 and US31 make their mark and allow only certain roads to connect or cross.

We are slowly learning the local roads and where they go to. They are NOT the north-south grid-like road system we knew in central Indiana.

We were driving through Stevensville the other day and decided to go on a road we had not been on before. Based on our experience we knew the road would cross another that we were familiar with and should get us to our destination. We were driving through some sort of industrial park with medical centers and light manufacturing when Mary pointed out a very unusual building. We turned around and she got her camera out. The name of the company is Hanson Mold – it is a full service mold and die manufacturing plant. The owner must like cars because the front of the building  looks like a hood and grill. We’re not sure what car they were going for, but it kind of looked like a Rolls except for the hood ornament.

Being a car guy…it made Art’s day.