Caffeine Cold Turkey —- Day 3

Cold turkeydescribes the actions of a person who abruptly gives up a habit or addiction rather than gradually easing the process through gradual reduction or by using replacement medication. – Wikipedia

While visiting the doctor for some prescription refills, Art mentioned he was experiencing tension headaches that were turning very severe. The doctor said he gets about four people with the same complaint in his office every day. If their other vitals are good he recommends eliminating caffeine from their diet.

He explained that on average men take three attempts before they actually quit.

He said that the first time a man stops and his headaches go away, he rationalizes that it is OK to go back to coffee…the headaches start again. He will usually do that twice…and then on the third attempt will realize that the doctor knew what he was talking about and actually give it up.

He said women were not as predictable. (Who would have thunk?)

So on the trip back to Michigan, Art drank a lot of coffee and proceeded to have one of the worst headaches that night ever. He was now a believer and decided to stop “cold turkey”. This means getting rid of his stash of Diet Pepsi, Diet Mountain Dew and storing the gourmet coffee and tea for company only.

The first day without caffeine was not pleasant – withdrawal headaches all day. The second day was without pain but felt like he was in a fog. However last night was a great night of sleep and the third day feels pretty good.

Maybe the doctor knew what he was talking about!!!