Goodwill Ambassadors

Goodwill Ambassador – one that promotes goodwill and solicits trade for local business firms – Webster’s Online Dictionary

We enjoy visits from friends. This weekend some friends from Indiana came to hang out. When we knew Bill and Laura were coming, we thought about where to go to show them this area of Michigan. They had never seen Lake Michigan from the Michigan side, so we knew the lake would be part of our tour. We also knew they would want to see our daughter (plus the TWINS) because she used to babysit for their kids when she was in high school. Throw in a couple of unique restaurants and we pretty much had a plan. The weather cooperated with above average temps and lots of sunshine so we were good to go.

Friday night we met them at their hotel and then went to one of the better pizza places which shares their facility with an AMTRAK station. Silver Beach Pizza fed us well with a gluten-free pizza. Then we drove around the town looking at the all the holiday decorations. It was late so we called it a day.

Saturday morning they met us at our RV and we took off on our adventure. After a pleasant drive through the countryside we arrived at our daughter’s house with a big pot of chili that Mary had made and a 6-pack of Vernors (Michigan ginger ale). We arrived just in time to watch the Michigan-Iowa football game. Coincidence?…we think not. Bill and Laura got the chance to hold babies, be entertained by Ryan (the big brother) and be attacked by the 2 family dogs.

With the Michigan game under control and chili gone we headed to South Haven. This is one of our favorite Lake Michigan beach towns. We walked out to the light house and talked to some interesting people who live there. We strolled through the town visiting some of the little tourist shops. Some of them will close in January and then reopen in spring. Having worked up a good appetite we went to Clementine’s and enjoyed some good lake perch and salads.

We headed back to the RV for a few games of euchre. All we can say is that the old folks still have it going on!! We met for breakfast this morning and then they were on their way back to Indiana.

The state of Michigan should pay us for all our ambassador work we do!!!