Michiana (aka The Southern Lakeshore) is a region in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan centered on the city of South Bend, Indiana. The Chamber of Commerce of St. Joseph County, Indiana defines Michiana as “counties that contribute at least 500 inbound commuting workers to St. Joseph County daily.” Those counties include Elkhart, La Porte, Marshall, St. Joseph, and Starke in Indiana, and Berrien and Cass in Michigan. As of the 2000 census, the population of those seven counties was 840,697 (627,140 in Indiana and 213,557 in Michigan). – Wikipedia

Again it is interesting to see the individual identities that certain regions call themselves. We found the “Low Country” in South Carolina and the “Coastal Empire” in Georgia’s southern coast. Camping in this area of southwestern Michigan, you cannot help but hear the phrase “Michiana”.

Go to Google and enter the phrase “Michiana” and you find pages of hits that advertise businesses and organizations with the name. We like it here and enjoy the identification of both states with the general region.

You sure wouldn’t want to call this area West Detroit or East Chicago!!!