My Old Kentucky Home (for a month)

My Old Kentucky Homeis a minstrel song by Stephen Foster (1826-1864), probably composed in 1852 – Wikipedia

We’ve arrived in Cave City, KY and are in a campground just a couple of miles from the entrance to Mammoth Cave National Park. Our campground is quiet and pretty much just used by transients right now…people heading south for the winter. There are four long-term families in the park and we are next to one of them. We have not met them but the campground manager indicated they started to go full-time RV traveling when one of their mothers was diaganosed with Alzheimer’s, so they have been here three years to be nearby.

We plan on being here until after Christmas and then head south to Pensacola. Yesterday we needed to get a part for a toilet repair, so we saw some of the area including a great shopping district in Bowling Green just 30 miles south. Our impression is that the road system in this area is above average, but not much traffic since this is the off-season…except I-65 which is wall-to-wall trucks.

Today we went to the visitor center at the park to check it out. There are about a dozen cave tours available and we will be going on at least a couple of them during our stay. We hiked a couple of miles on a trail overlooking the Green River and then stopped at some of our more interesting business neighbors trying to attract our tourist dollar.

The reconnaissance is complete and we are ready to dive into the area sightseeing.