Thanksgiving, Really

We stayed in Michigan until mid-November to help Anne and Russ with Ryan the twins. Since it was near Thanksgiving we decided to stay longer and spend the day with Art’s mom and brother’s family. We enjoyed the afternoon pre-eating, eating and post-eating. There was football on TV and in the backyard. It was a good day. Before dinner Ross reminded us of all our blessings.

We stayed at Art’s mom’s house for the night and had a stark reminder that for some Thanksgiving day is not always a good thing.

The pleasant November day had turned into a pretty cool night. At the door was a young lady and two children. She said her husband and father-in-law had kicked her out and she was trying to get to her sister’s house in a town about 20 miles away. The kids looked cold and she was crying. She claimed that her husband had taken everything she had including her cell phone.

Art let her use his phone to call the home of her sister but no one answered. She wanted a ride but we were hesitant to do so not knowing if anyone was home at her sisters. We offered to call the police for help and she agreed. She wouldn’t come inside so Art stayed out and talked with her a few minutes until a County Sheriff arrived. The officer took her information and they got in the car and left.

The situation made me even more conscious of how many blessing we have as a family.