Too Big, Too Big

Our 2 yr old grandson likes to play a game he calls “Too Big, Too Big“. The game is played trying to put things in a tunnel or hole. If what he picks will not fit, he shakes his head and says “Too Big, Too Big” and finds something else. It keeps him occupied.

We had a Too Big, Too Big moment yesterday.

In the morning course of events… the toilet was flushed. Low and behold the water did not go down. At first we thought the toilet foot pedal was not connecting with the moving parts or maybe there was another flapper down below that was not opening. If we stuck a pipe down through the “stuff” it felt that there was something blocking it.

We scurried to the Internet and pulled down the toilet manual to try to figure out the next step. It looked like we might have to take out the toilet to get to the blockage. I called a local RV serviceman, explained the problem – he said he has seen the plug from the holesaw that cut the hole in the floor for the toilet fall down into the hole and not get removed – later to plug the toilet drain.

We assumed this was out of our ability to fix so we invited him to come to our home and help us out. He used an old wet-dry vac to clean out the drain but it was still clogged. Before pulling the toilet he decided to try one thing. We strung a water hose through the bedroom window and snaked it down the pipe, turned on the water and the clog freed up and everything was flowing freely. Apparently we were not using enough water and things just got backed up.

That lesson on “RV toilet basics 101″ cost us $80. We bought a small plumbing snake for future possible backups.

Too Big, Too Big…..You live and you learn.