Travel Insurance

When we arrived in Indiana in late spring we checked in with our doctors and got a dental checkup. The plan is to arrange our travels so that we are in the Hoosier state about the same time each year to see our doctors.

However a couple of things have changed that for this year. Art needed some prescription refills and his doctor needed to see him to accomplish that (translated….pay for an office visit). We are doing our 6-month dental cleaning that our insurance covers so we took a little road trip.

We drove to Indianapolis on Saturday and hung out with our grandchildren (and their parents). While we were enjoying a perfect 70 degree day in November our 2 sons changed the brakes on Mary’s little car so we are ready for some mountains again.

Sunday we all got together and had dinner at Crackerbarrel….good times. The kids played with all the cool toys in the shopping area until we could be seated.

Tomorrow we will be up and at it early with a 9:00 AM doctor appointment an hour north of here and dental appointments around noon….then head back to Michigan.

We’ll see our medical friends next May right here same time…same place.