Winter of our Discontent (With Wheat)

We’ve been tinkering with our diet and exercise routine in an attempt to see what works and what doesn’t. We’ve looked at the Paleo diet that emphasizes the reduction of grains in general. Art had some success and dropped about 30 lbs but seems to have hit a plateau. Our son (Ben) and daughter-in-law (Becky) have been using the diet that specifically eliminates wheat. They look great and have purchased a book called “Wheat Belly” that describes how wheat has been genetically modified and integrated into virtually everything we eat. The government has condoned a dietary lifestyle that encourages the eating of whole grains. However the author of the book shows how this practice compounds a number of health problems including blood sugar control.

So we bought the book “Wheat Belly” and are now reading it.

The last couple of weeks we’ve generally tried to eat wheat-less. Initially it looked like it was going to be tough to make this work. We’ve never tried cooking and eating without wheat flour. It’s just not done.

That was the challenge we needed.

Mary has been reading the book and learning the science behind it and today we made a trip to the grocery and health food stores. There they had many of the wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and low-salt alternatives. We have stocked our shelves with some basic supplies. We plan on experimenting with some new cooking techniques.

Tonight’s dinner entre was veggie wraps. Mary made the wraps from flax seed meal, baked them and we loaded them with some great vegetables. At the store we also found some wheat-free bread and some good snack crackers and chips. If we can learn a new way of cooking we may pull this off.

Now if we could only figure out how to find healthy CHOCOLATE!!!!