Campground Cemetery

Our campground is located on the highway that leads to Mammoth Cave National Park. However, once you get off the highway you are into some rural Kentucky countryside.

We’ve taken some walks a couple of miles off the highway and enjoyed seeing the old farms and lots of very old mobile homes and double-wides. It seems that every other house has chickens, cattle, dogs and cats. We’ve seen ducks and geese and a billy goat that looks so big it is scary.

Today we came across Campground Cemetery. According to the owners at our campground, there was a time when a bunch of families camped in the area every summer. There was a small old cemetery on the property. As the years went by members of the families began to die off so they turned the property into a bigger cemetery and started the tradition of burying their relatives in this campground/cemetery.

We noticed there were multiple tombstones with the same family name on them lined up next to each other. In some cases the people are still alive – their headstones are waiting for them.

We also walked around the really old section of the cemetery and found dozens of old markers that are broken or weathered so you could no longer read the words. In one case there was a tree that had grown up around it.

If we’re still on the road when the time comes….maybe we’ll be buried in a campground cemetery somewhere!!!