Caveland Church

We try to attend church regardless of where we are camped…even if we are only passing through. We find that “community” churches tend to reflect the community very well and often conduct a service that we like.

We find churches by looking online. In this area of Kentucky the primary choice is “baptist” and they come in many different flavors as long as you like “southern”. So we were pleased to find a church just down the road that met our criteria.

“Caveland Church” is definitely a contemporary church. Our first impression was they used technology and liked to drink coffee. The people were very friendly and their coffee center offered a variety of drinks. The service was a good mix of media and used all sorts of tools to present their message to the audience. They also stream live online for those watching from the Internet.

After a good session of singing and worship time the pastor took the stage. His message was excellent, right from the Bible. I found that I agreed with everything he said. However, I noticed that he seemed to yell when he talked – one volume and it was loud. Even though I agreed with him, I kept wondering if I walked up to him on the street and asked him how he was today….would he yell back “FINE…HOW ABOUT YOU???”?

I guess we prefer a pastor who preaches like he would speak in an ordinary conversation. We still appreciated our time there.