Cub Run

This area of Kentucky is definitely “Cave Country”. There are hundreds of miles of connecting caves within the Mammoth National Park. The history of Mammoth goes back decades and the park has been open for years.

One of the newer caves in the area is found in Cub Run, Kentucky about 20 miles north of Mammoth Park. The cave was discovered in the early 1950’s by 2 teenage boys (Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer????) but they were too scared to do much more than go back a couple hundred feet. Once it was determined to be a large cave there began a battle for property rights and the cave was closed shortly after it was opened. The cave sat there for 50 years and finally a single family bought the 200 acres and developed it for tourists.

The cave opened in 2006 making it one of the newest caves in the area.

Since this is the off-season we were the only ones on the tour we took which made it very personal. We saw bats, blind crayfish and cave crickets. It was a warm-up before hitting one of the Mammoth Cave tours which we will do before we leave.