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Today we took the most popular Mammoth Cave tour called the “Historical Tour”. It was about two hours and was listed as moderate in effort….however you end the tour walking 155 steps straight up to get back to the entrance…then close to another hundred steps plus the quarter-mile uphill path leading back to the welcome center.

Mary did well but Art was huffing and puffing. We both agreed that we had our workout for the day.

This tour walked us a couple of miles through some huge caverns and along some very narrow passages that were nicknamed appropriately “fat man’s misery“. It was interesting that we saw no stalagmites or stalactites in these caves. The tour guide told us that was largely due to the fact that this cave has a natural sandstone cap on it that keeps out most of the water. He told us to come back in about a million years and we should find lots of new formations.

We’ll be sure to put that on our calendars!!!