Martha Stewart Moment

We’ve been walking in the country side near the campground. This is a very rural location and everyday we get to greet the friendly dogs, chickens and cows as we walk. It’s quite the chorus of barking, clucking, crowing and mooing.

Mary wanted to find some greens that we could cut to decorate our RV. She had seen some berries, holly and evergreens – so off we went with ourĀ scissorsĀ and plastic Walmart bag in hand.

We walked a couple miles to the Campground Cemetery and found some pines and a holly bush. As we walked along the road we found some additional greens and branches with dried berries on them.

We collected a good batch of them and brought them back to the RV to soak in some water overnight. Then she began the cutting and designing process to create the swag that would hang above the fireplace and TV unit.

Martha Stewart would be proud of us and Mary proved that you can’t keep a good decorator down.

I think SWAG stands for “Sweet, Wild and Green”