Nature has a way of dealing with the seasons. Many times we see animals instinctively move when a new season begins. The more famous migrations are the birds flying south for the winter or the African wildebeest moving at the onslaught of the dry season.

Since Christmas we have seen parts of the RV migration for the 2012-13 season. Today we left Huntsville, AL and drove through Birmingham and Montgomery. At a couple of rest areas there were more RVs than there were trucks going south. We passed our fair share of motor homes, 5th wheels and trailers along the highway. As we passed them the drivers gave each other a small wave and nod in acknowledgement of our common goals that we are going to a better place.

We stopped in Greenville, AL and will finish the last leg of our journey to Pensacola tomorrow morning. We are staying at Sherling Lake Park Campground – it is a beautiful setting. The grass is green and the weather is getting a little milder. There are lots of birds in the air and the campground manager said there were 4 other units from Michigan staying for the night. He was a nice guy who escorted us to our pull-thru spot which is plenty large. We talked a little about football. He is a die-hard Alabama fan. He just smiled when I asked him to cheer for Michigan on Jan 1st. We both agreed that we did not like Notre Dame and would be cheering on Alabama for the national championship.

Once we got setup we did the required run to the local Walmart to get a couple of things and ate at a diner along the expressway called “Bates House of Turkey”. With a name like that we had to try it and were rewarded with a good turkey dinner.

Art has a new Michigan shirt to wear on Jan 1 for good luck during the Outback Bowl. He also made a decision to purchase an Alabama shirt to wear on Jan. 7th when they play Notre Dame. If Alabama wins they will have to thank him for helping the cause.

Roll tide