Muscle Cars and Pulled Pork

Tomorrow we leave for Indianapolis to celebrate Christmas with our family. We will return here (Kentucky) on Christmas day then head for Alabama the next day. To help celebrate the holiday we purchased about 6 lbs of pulled pork from a good BBQ place in Bowling Green called “Smokey Pig BBQ” to bring with us for our Christmas dinner. We have tried the pulled pork dinner there and can testify to its goodness.

Since we were going to be in Bowling Green, we stopped at the National Corvette Museum which is located on the north side along I-65 next to the assembly plant. The cost was only $8 for a senior ticket so we went in and checked out the history and the cool cars. Of course the tour ended at the gift shop which was pretty extensive. We passed by all the jackets, hats and do-dads – but got a magnet for $3 for our RV wall.

Our Christmas shopping is all done. We hear there is a little snow on the ground in Indianapolis so we will have to deal with the evil white stuff at least once this winter.

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