Party Like it’s 2012

We decided to come to Pensacola on New Year Eve so Art could watch football on New Year’s Day. We arrived with no issues – the weather sunny and in the 60s. The family that owns the campground seem to be very pleasant and shared that they have owned this property for 70 years. They had a landscaping business but was destroyed by a hurricane some years ago. The father decided to start a campground. They designed it, cleared the land and did a lot of the work themselves. They have a lot of family pride connected with the operation.

On New Year’s Eve they have a community campfire and hot dog roast/carry-in. We made some baked beans and walked to the campfire pit to get to know some of the people. There were snow birds who came south for the winter….full-time RV’ers with no house (like us) and some people who were visiting their family who are camped in the park.

We had a good meal which included black-eyed peas (for good luck in the New Year). We exchanged stories with some of the folks. This park caters to big rigs so many people just stayed in their own luxurious motor homes. We can only imagine how much money some of them have wrapped up in their palaces on wheels.

To really celebrate the night in style we came back to our RV and watched Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and a NCIS marathon. Mary asked if we were going to stay up until midnight….or just set the alarm???

Get the noise-makers out!!!