Tea Duckie and Hot Booties

Life is just a dream. You look to the past for lessons then ponder the day you have been given…and often dream of a better tomorrow. You think about how to make tomorrow better and refine the rough edges of life.

When we were first married we lived in apartments and dreamed of the future. Laying on my back in the driveway under a ’67 Camaro trying to install a starter I dreamed of having a house with a garage. The houses we have owned represented our dreams. We added a deck or tore down a wall trying to make tomorrow better. Dreams kept us motivated.

However….what do you give the older adult that pretty much has everything he needs? We don’t have a house so most of the things we used to want are no longer on our list. Our 5th wheel fits us just fine and the truck is new. So we dream a bit smaller than most people. We look to refine our lives with small steps instead of giant leaps, but how do we do it on a budget and living in a smaller space?

Tea Duckie and Hot Booties.

Now when we are ready to sit down and watch a favorite show on the telly we can have our tea and heat our cold feet thanks to the technology of these simple refinements.

Life is just a dream…shaboom shaboom