Winter Delay

We left Indianapolis on Christmas day just in time to beat Euclid ..the blizzard of 2012. Our plan was to leave on the 26th for Alabama but the weather and a slow leak in a tire changed our minds. Seeing storm pics sent to us by one of our sons in Indy….we missed a big mess.

The weather system did not bring much snow to the Kentucky area but there are high wind warnings along I-65 down Huntsville … which is going to be our next stop. The warnings are specifically for wind and alerted high-profile vehicles. Since our 5th wheel is close to 14 feet tall….it qualifies.

Yesterday Art went out to add a little air to one of the RV tires that has a slow leak. He heard air leaking out of the valve stem – so we had a project.

This morning Art started the effort to break the lug nuts loose, get the unit jacked up and the tire off. Since this is a truck-sized tire he had to wrestle it into the back of our car and shuttle it to a truck tire repair facility. $20 later we were the proud owner of a repaired 5th wheel tire.

Back at the campground he got to work out in the rain and the 25 mph winds to get the tire back on, torqued down and the RV level again. We will wait until tomorrow morning to make sure I-65 southbound is clear…and we’ll be off.

This has been a very “manly” day!!!