Close Shave

Close shave – A narrow escape; a close call.

The laptop is Art’s friend for a few hours every day and he tends to wring out all its life before he gets another one. When he was working full time his employer purchased one and got a new one every 2 years…but the current one is probably about 5 years old. To extend its life he upgraded to Windows 7 and installed a new hard drive….but the symptoms of old age were beginning to settle in.

He was experiencing an occasional memory error and sometimes during a virus scan there would be a system crash as if the hard drive was lost. Buttons began to stick and odd routines became normal as he worked around the little issues. Occasionally the system would just power off for no reason. In the last few days there was an error message that said to purchase a new battery – a new battery would cost around $100.

Being a bit of a geek he tends to want to play with the latest and greatest equipment but since his employer no longer pays for his laptops he has become a very cheap person. The old PC was a bare-bones model from Dell five years ago. This week (with Mary’s help) he found a very nice HP laptop with even more bells and whistles…a demo model…from BestBuy.

Today was spent getting all the data moved to the new PC and understanding Windows 8….which is not making a big impression on us right now. It seems that Microsoft wants to be like Apple but can’t quite figure it out. It is now up and operational with the new Windows 8 and the old PC has been cleaned up and turned off for the last time.

That was a close one.