Download Dilemma

Internet network speeds are usually measured on how fast things can be downloaded and is a good benchmark to use. So when Art needed to download a 2 GB software package for one of his classes…we had a problem.

The campground WiFi is OK but it gets bogged down fairly quick and we didn’t want to impact all the other campers. Our Verizon MiFi is a 5 GB per month package and we are already at 75% usage for the month so we didn’t want to use this option. Today we decided on a…..


…we went to a McDonald’s to use their free WiFi connection. Mary brought her laptop to download a new iTunes and update her system. Between the 2 of us we pretty much dominated the free WiFi. After 2 hours Art’s download was only about 20%…so it was a time for a change.

We went back home and Art went to a Starbucks to continue the download. In all it was a reminder about one of the benefits of having a high-speed connection to a house.

As of this post the download is at 40%.