Inauguration 2013

Inauguration a formal beginning or introduction – the

Today the word on the news is all about the inauguration. However what they are talking about is the official start of the Obama agenda for another 48 months…and we can hardly wait. We decided to have our own inauguration event.

We went out for a “beach day”. We had previously cruised the Pensacola Beach area and took some pictures early in the month but today we decided to take chairs in hand and sit on the beach for the afternoon.

We found a spot out of the breeze and enjoyed the winter sun. There were many folks there trying to capture some of the sun and it was obvious that many of them were from the Naval base. There were many muscular young people with short haircuts, no fat and dog tags. It was kind of a give-away.

A few brave souls got in the water but it was too much like Lake Michigan in June and that is just a little too chilly to enjoy.

We didn’t have a parade but it was pretty special.