Mardi Gras

We have noticed a few things in the panhandle of Florida. First of all there is no snow so almost all of the Christmas decorations were lights. Art saw no manger scenes or anything about the true nature of what Christmas is about. To be fair we did not arrive here until New Year’s Eve and are sure there were some decorations with good messages in the area…we just didn’t see them.

Now we are noticing something we’ve never been part of…Mardi Gras. We are close enough to New Orleans and thought it might be a nice place to visit during the winter sometime. In our minds we thought Mardi Gras was a single week-long celebration in New Orleans. What we are finding is that there are dozens of parades, festivals and gatherings all between now and Easter…and they are everywhere in the panhandle region of Florida, Alabama and Louisiana.

Art got online and looked at parades and spectacles that were being held in the area. Many of them have a sliver of a religious meaning attached to them but many seem to be planned for complete decadent behavior. Even the RV park we are in has decorated their palm tree with strings of beads.