Open Air

Open Air – located, suited for, or taking place in the open air. –

We got home from the Naval Aviation Museum friday evening and found that Art’s teaching contracts had arrived in the mail. They needed to be returned in the mail with signatures so we made plans to go out on Saturday morning to find a post office that was open.

Downtown Pensacola has an open-air market every Saturday. Since it was going to be sunny and climbing into the 60’s we decided to go the extra few miles into downtown and take a walk.

We found some hardy souls who had set up booths selling all kinds of things. We meandered among the faithful shoppers. The space for vendors was probably only half full. You could tell that during the harvest season there would be a lot of farmers represented. After the market we walked a few blocks to a health-food co-op that offers a variety of supplies you don’t usually find in traditional grocery stores.

We got the signed teaching contracts back in the mail and made a brief stop at a Goodwill store for Art to look for some smaller bathing suits. We found two for under $7, stopped at a local diner for a quick lunch and went back home.

Time for a nap!