Slow and Steady

For the last year we have been watching our diet and trying to be active every day. We realize that any diet has to be a lifestyle change and not just a short-term fix. We have used our membership at AnyTime Fitness and are intentionally doing fitness walking. During the last few months we have followed a diet that eliminates wheat and processed sugar. Mary got the “Wheat Belly Cookbook”  for Christmas and is learning to cook without wheat. The meals are getting better each day and we are missing wheat products less.

Art has been more motivated to lose weight for health reasons and his weight loss has been a more noticable. He weighed nearly 210 lbs over a year ago – his pant size was 38 inches…and they were tight.

Today he has lost about 40 lbs and his pant size is between 32-34 inches. He wants to lose another 10-15 lbs and get in the 155 pound range. We have donated t-shirts and pants to Goodwill and found some new shorts and shirts.

His goal is to lose about a pound a week and would like to be near his goal by his birthday in March. Slow and steady wins the race.