We visited the Gulf Shores Welcome Center a few days ago and the lady there told us we had to go to “Billy’s” for fresh seafood. She said it was a bit of a drive but worth it. It was raining again today so we went to get some fish and shrimp.

There are many fresh fish outlets in the area but apparently most of them get their product from some third-party fishery, they don’t actually do the fishing themselves. Billy’s is one of the last of the open-air fish markets in the area and they advertise that their product comes right off their boats and into the store. You have to go to their fishery location to purchase the seafood.

It was only11 miles to the west of our campground toward Mobile bay on the Bon Secour river. Mary found that “Bon Secour” is derived from the French for “safe harbor”. This river provides fishing boats access to Mobile Bay while keeping them safe from the occasional stormy weather and normal tides using the river as a natural bay.

The parking lot was made up of crushed shells and there were at least 2 cats prowling around. Mary had done a little research and knew that Red Snapper was the best of the local fish so we bought a couple of nice fillets along with a pound of fresh shrimp. We opted for the shrimp that already had the heads taken off!!!

Once home Mary found a Paula Dean recipe and baked the snapper. We tossed a nice salad, used a little finishing salt we had received for a Christmas gift and proceeded to get our omega-3’s….it sure beats taking a fish oil pill.