Feeling Drained

We had the privilege of dealing with another unscheduled project. Mary noticed a slight leak happening under one of the sink drains so it was time to take something apart.

We had noticed the drain strainer baskets had been installed in a rather sloppy manner – they were a bit crooked in the hole with some putty oozing out and just a smidgen too small for the sink opening.

So it was off to Lowe’s.

We were able to find a drain basket that was just a bit larger in diameter so we got two to replace both as long as we had the plumbing taken apart.

Before Mary retired she would have been anxious to get this thing fixed ASAP. However she has a new state of mind. The weather was excellent so we decided to go sit on the beach for a couple of hours, then went out for an all-you-can-eat steamed shrimp dinner – sat outside and enjoyed the pleasant weather. Then we went home to fix the drain!!!

We dismantled the drains, scraped and cleaned the old putty and “stuff” off the sink, applied new putty and re-assembled everything. After a few adjustments we partially filled the sinks with water and there seems to be no leaking.

Now we can hold our water.