Final Countdown

The phrase “Final Countdown” means different things to different people. However we can all agree that it means the end of something is near. Dan and Jo (plus Zeke the dog) are planning their reentry back into the winter scene of Michigan. They are watching the storm systems working their way across the country and it looks like they have a nice 3-day window coming up this weekend….so it’s time to head home.

We reminded them that they will probably drive up to their house on the Saginaw Bay to find a lot of snow in their drive. Dan reminded us he owns a plow truck and it is sitting in the drive waiting for its master to come back home from Alabama.

Today we drove out on the peninsula which juts out into the Bon Secour Bay, and found a little county park access to the beach where dogs are allowed. We had a good workout walking the beach for over an hour looking at all the houses on stilts whose taxes alone are more than we could afford.

After wearing the dog out (and the adults) we drove to a real hole-in-the wall eatery where we enjoyed some local fare and then said our goodbyes. Tomorrow they will pack and get ready to take off early Sunday morning.

Let’s hope they will come south again next year for a few weeks.