Internet Business

Once in a while you find a business that does things in a different way and it’s worth mentioning. Mary found such a small business.

She needed to get a haircut and a lady in our yoga class recommended “Mission 25”. This is a small salon north of our campground about 10 minutes. We looked on the Internet and found they have online reservations so Mary signed up for an time slot.

When she walked in for her appointment she noticed they had a blackboard with all the different services they offer and a “range” of prices for each. When Mary asked what the prices were they said that you pay what you can afford based on your budget. That was a little unusual.

When the haircut was finished Mary pulled out a credit card and they swiped it on a small reader connected to their smartphone and then had her sign the transaction with her finger on the screen. In about a minute a receipt was texted to her and the business was done with no exchange of paper. Apparently some of the monies go to charity.

Occasionally you see a business embrace a new way of working and it is refreshing.