Jr. High Dance???

We went to the activity center today to try out the water aerobic exercise class. It is held first thing in the morning and is one of the more popular classes. The swimming pool is divided into a deep-water exercise area, lap lanes and a shallow-water section that goes from 4-to-6 feet deep.

The class was held in the shallow-water section and the instructor stood on the edge of the pool and had you perform a series of exercises. You practiced dancing, running-in-place and used swimming noodles and hand-weights to provide more resistance.

Art didn’t participate because today is racquetball day but he noticed the pool was packed with nearly 60 people…and only 7 men. The majority of the men huddled together in one end of the pool and they kind of had a scared deer-in-the-headlights kind of look. It was a little like a Jr. High dance with all the boys on one wall and the girls all out dancing.

Some things never change.