Mary Makes

Mary MakesA regional company located in the warmer climates of the country that provides baking services and a host of products made from crochet, knitting and sewing efforts. This multi-million dollar company had its humble beginnings in an RV campground in Gulf Shores, AL in February 2013.

The above announcement may be something we see one day but for now…Mary has officially launched her campground business called “Mary Makes”. She is offering to bake cakes or cupcakes for the snow birds that are here for a few months. These people love to eat so we hope to spark some interest.

She is also offering to crochet, knit or sew any project that anyone might like to have done. We figure once the grandmothers in the campground see some of these cute animals she makes that they will want to order some for their grandchildren.

Mary designed the flyer and organized the pictures for the web site and Art worked on getting the links setup and the pages defined so people can check out her work online. Mary printed off the advertisements and posted them around the campground on bulletin boards in the laundry rooms and the office.

We hope word of mouth will do the trick.