Miniature Golf and Throwed Rolls

Lambert’s Cafe, also known as Home of the Throwed Rolls is a restaurant known for its home style cooking, “pass arounds”, and its “throwed” dinner rolls. It is distinguished from other restaurants by its policy of providing large 32 oz. drinks, a list of side items that are passed around to all customers, free refills on nearly all entrĂ©es, and, most famously, for throwing their homemade dinner rolls to the customers. – Wikipedia

We decided to take advantage of the warm weather and the fact that Dan and Jo are still hanging out in the area. However…what could we do that is exotic???

Play mini-golf and go to Lambert’s Cafe.

As with most tourist hot-spots there are quite a few mini-golf courses up and down the strip. After a rough 36 holes of high-pressure golf we went to the campground where Dan and Jo are staying. We needed to let their cute dog out for a walk and also wanted to checkout their RV.

Then for a late lunch (or early dinner) went to Lambert’s cafe. It was quite an experience and the food was pretty good. Our waiter made so many mistakes that we kind of lost count. In fact he made us laugh because when we thought he couldn’t mess up more…he would surprise us.

About every 5 minutes a fellow would walk out from the kitchen and yell “HOT ROLLS.” If you raised your hand he would throw a nice hot roll across the room. Every couple of minutes a server would come by with big pots of side dishes they called “pass-arounds”.

In all…we experienced the best Gulf Shores has to offer.

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