Rain, Rain

The storm system that is dumping snow all through the middle of the country is causing a major rain storm along the coast here in Alabama…

…and it’s a little scary.

It has been raining here so hard and so long that we wonder exactly where the water is all going. The drainage systems we see along the highways show us they are designed to handle large quantities of water. We assume that tropical storms and hurricanes have taught these people who live here how to deal with water.

Usually we don’t feel cooped up living in our RV because it is fairly large (38′) and has a very functional layout. However we are sitting here with the rain coming down so hard that we have to turn the TV louder to hear it and lightning is striking all around us.

Mary chose this moment to ask “Are we safe in a lightning storm?” We just saw a large Ark float by so we’re not really sure what to think.

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