Sweating with the oldies

With all the snow birds in the area there is no excuse for being out of shape. There are literally more fitness activities available than you could ever participate in a single day. In our campground alone there are numerous options. We have been attending some chair-yoga classes that are basically stretching classes geared toward seniors. Translated…we never have to get down on the floor because it may be too hard to get up!!!

We also checked out a community fitness and activity center about 2 miles from our campground. They offer just about every type of fitness activity you could imagine. Art found a racquetball group that meets 3 times a week and he played a couple of hours with them. It was quite different than his previous experience because every player (except a couple) was definitely past 65. He feels he will end up beating a lot of them, but he was pleasantly surprised at how good some of the old guys played.

The center also offers a large aquatic program with opem swimming and lap sessions and also a number of water aerobics classes. We both participated in a water running class yesterday and had a great workout. Today we went back and Art worked on weight lifting and practicing his racquetball serves…while Mary did another water running class.

When Art came down from the weight room he mentioned how strange it was to be pumping iron around all older people. Some were being helped from machine to machine while others utilized a walker to move around. The good part was that Art was one of the “youngsters” in the group so, in a way, it was an encouragement. He also noticed that any time he sits down to rest in a common area that at least 1 or 2 older ladies will come over and sit down to talk.

When you’re hot….you’re hot!!!