Alabama Backcountry

The area where our campground is located is dominated by the ocean and all the beaches that go along with it. The signs have started to come out welcoming the spring break crowd that has yet to descend on the town in mass.

We took a drive west on Beach Blvd and looked at the homes and condos along the coast. In some places you could see the Little Lagoon to the north and the Ocean front to the south. Many of the homes have a view of both bodies of water.

There are two communities here that make up the main beach area. Gulf Shores and just to the east along the coast is Orange Beach. The condos and hotels provide a huge wall of buildings between Beach Blvd and the ocean.

We have seen a few spots to park advertising a walking trail that makes up what is called the Backcountry Trail system. These are trails that are paved and allow easy access into a natural eco-system of swamps and forest. The preserve is less than a mile inland from the coast and it seems one minute you are in the middle of the city hustle and bustle….but when you drive into the parking lot you have escaped civilization.

We walked about a mile back into the forest and enjoyed a nice sunny day in the lower 60s.

As Arnold said “We’ll be back”.