Alabama German Sausage

Alabama’s Original Elberta German Sausage Festival – The sausage festival is a town fund-raiser, spearheaded by Elberta’sVolunteer Fire Department in 1978, whose proceeds are used for improving not only the fire department, but the town as well.

We were told the German Sausage Festival held in Elberta, AL was a “must see” event. Most of these local festivals have the same flavor and are excuses to get out for a weekend and eat bad food while people-watching.

This festival was not all that different than most, but it was based on the original recipe for a locally famous sausage. It was for a good cause – the local fire department. The most unusual things were the long lines each ending at a window where they were pushing out grilled sausages with or without sauerkraut. $5 each and they were basically a bratwurst that was huge and delicious.

For our Indiana friends it was just like the Matthew’s Covered Bridge festival with awesome sausages.

The vendor booths were nothing exceptional but they did have a German oompa band with an older lady dressed in a German outfit doing some sort of a dance!!! It was a great community event and we had lunch on the ground with a few hundred of our newest friends.