Bama Bluegrass

We get a number of free weekly papers that are directed toward the snowbird community and they list dozens of events and things happening in the area. We noticed that there was a Gospel blue grass concert being held at another RV park about 25 miles out into the country.

So we thought we would dip our toes into the local culture.

The name of the campground is called Wales West RV Resort. On their web site it is pretty clear they love trains. They maintain a fairly extensive light railway line that goes through their property. They use light displays that have a theme…based on the time of the year it is. Right now it is an Easter theme called “The Cottontail Express”. The train is a scale model size of the type you would find in a zoo.

The concert was a bit of an old-school approach – the band comes and part way through the concert a basket is passed which you can put in a donation. The campground owners provided some snacks and a fellowship time for intermission.

The band is made up of 3 generations of a family although all of them were not able to be there. We sat there with about 40 other folks and had a good toe-tapping time.