Campground Craft Sale

Our campground advertised a Craft Sale for Saturday and it sounded interesting. Apparently they run a couple of sales during the winter season and with the proper advertising it could draw a crowd.

Mary has been wondering how to get her creations advertised so that the right people would see her crochet dolls, animals and other things she has made. She has been working to build up some inventory so that maybe she could offer them to a consignment shop so she was ready for the sale.

The good part was that it was free to setup a table…and free is good.

Mary worked at printing some business cards with her contact information and then used her iPad to show potential customers some of the things she has already done just to give them an idea. She had a few dolls and a couple of animals to display along with some flyers for her cake baking services.

The crowds turned out to be a little sparse due to competing events happening in the area but we got a few business cards passed out. Some of the ladies also have a face to go along with the cake flyers they’ve been looking at on the campground bulletin boards.

It will take some time to figure out the best way to get the word out but the products will speak for themselves.