Fairhope,Alabama — utopia on the bay

Fairhope, Alabama – Perfectly placed along Mobile Bay, Fairhope is known as the jewel of the Eastern Shore. Fairhope boasts a charming flower filled downtown shopping district, filled with art galleries, restaurants and over 80 unique shops. Fairhope is also home to an abundance of public art and miles of public bay front parks with walking trails and a pier that extends over the water nearly a mile. – http://www.fairhopemerchants.com

About 30 minutes from our campground, along the eastern shore of Mobile Bay, is the town of Fairhope, Alabama. It is known for its history as an art colony and a place that is not your run-of-the-mill small Alabama town.

This past weekend was their 61st annual Arts and Crafts Festival. We were told it was something to see and worth the trip. The weather was a glorious 72 degrees with lots of sun.

We found the Godzilla of street festivals!!!

Every street in the downtown area was lined with booth after booth of arts and crafts. Some of them we had seen at the Orange Beach Art Festival the previous week. Other booths had some of the most unique wares for sale that we’ve ever seen. We walked and walked only to find another street we had not been down lined with more booths.

The festival itself was great, but we also noticed there were numerous antique or art-related stores. Galleries, boutiques and cafes seemed to be everywhere. We plan on going back to spend some more time there before we return to Indiana.

To gain some insight about the town you can read an article HERE by Rick Bragg that describes the unique quality of Fairhope, Alabama.