Friday, Bloody Friday

Last week we saw an announcement that a Bloodmobile was going to visit our campground and you could volunteer to donate blood. However this was not something we know anything about since neither of us have ever donated our life fluids.

Being the bravest of the two…Mary said she was going to sign up.

Not being a fan of blood draws, Art wasn’t exactly on board with this new adventure…but fearing he would look a bit like a sissy….he signed up too. We showed up at our allotted time on Friday and began the process.

They took us into individual rooms on the bloodmobile and asked a number of quite embarrassing questions about a variety of topics. After answering “no” to all the medical and lifestyle questions they took our blood pressure and a blood sample to check for iron.

Of course, as luck would have it, Mary passed with flying colors and was able to give up a pint of the good stuff. Art, on the other hand, had a low iron level and did not qualify for donation. The helpers felt so bad that they offered a gift to him anyway. He selected a tote bag so Mary can have something to stow her yarn materials.

Having gotten so close…Art has decided that he is going to work on his iron and make a donation.