Road Creations

Mary has been hard at work making things.

She got her first cake order! One of our neighbors requested a cake celebrating her husband’s birthday and St. Patrick’s Day. She told Mary what she would like – maraschino cherry cake enough to feed 20, green icing – then left the final design up to her. They had their big party on Saturday. We saw her this morning and she said the cake was awesome…and tasted good even for a breakfast treat!!! (Art could have told her that).

We have talked about how to promote the cake business more next fall when we return to this campground. They have ice cream socials a couple times a month – some mini-cupcakes as samples along with business cards might work. We’ll see what other ideas we get between now and then.

Mary has also been building up her inventory of crochet creations. She has found some patterns to use that are smaller characters to offer a less expensive option the next time we setup a craft sale booth or when she gets her Etsy account established.

You just can’t keep a good creator down!!!