So This Is 62?

So this is what being 62 feels like (Art’s reflection on his birthday)

– Woke up, ate some cereal and saw some of the Facebook and Google+ birthday wishes including a song from a 2 year old grandson.

– A little surprise when the Google “doodle” was a birthday wish for me. I clicked on it and it displayed my profile I had created in Google+. Cool but a little creepy.

– Went to a Zumba water aerobics class with Mary and then lifted weights. When we swiped our passes to get into the fitness club the people at the desk immediately wished me a happy birthday. Apparently their computer knew about it too. (Probably learned it from Google!)

– Sat in a McDonald’s using their Internet to finish the hard drive replacement and Windows 8 upgrade for Mary’s laptop. Talked with a family from Nashville down for a high school softball tournament while Mary did some shopping.

– Watched the spring break crowd come and go (some in bikinis…we’re just a couple minutes from the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach coast)

– Face-Time session with daughter and grandkids while sitting in the car at McDonalds

– Back home to grade some papers for my classes

– Watched a James Taylor concert on TV, sang along with the words and imagined that my guitar playing could be just as good.

– Watched Mary work at baking some cupcakes made from coconut flour and then cook a great meal that included red meat and potatoes

– Received a call from my mom reminding me what she was up to 62 years ago

– Wrote a philosophic post for our travel blog

– Read an email about the benefits of an AARP membership…realized I was old enough to begin to collect Social Security if I wanted to.

– More grading and answering student questions.

– Ate one of the top ten birthday meals of all time.

– Did a video chat with son, daughter-in-law and grand daughters from Indianapolis

– Watched “Skyfall” that we got from Redbox for $1. The theme was that even though James Bond is getting older…he’s still got it going on.

– Thanked God for His many blessings.

– Felt so good that I skipped my blood pressure and cholesterol medicine

-Slept like a log.

Maybe time could be stopped